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Singapore is physically small in size but thrived as an international financial and trading hub. Conveniently located around the island are hotels, restaurants, shopping and sightseeing spots, where some popular attractions are clustered in the Marina Bay, Orchard Road or around some of the neighbourhood clusters. Being a compact city, attractions are normally easily accessible by public transports such as by buses or Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) or even moving around on foot. If you are a food lover or a love shopping, there is a large variety of food offered either in restaurants or hawker centres and surrounding shopping malls to cater to your needs.

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Singapore has a pleasant, tropical climate year-round, temperature varying from:

It is not unusual to have intermittent showers on a sunny day but the showers rarely last long and they provide a cool respite.

The rainy season in Singapore is from November till February.


The official currency of Singapore is the Singapore dollar(SGD) and only the Singapore dollar is accepted when paying in cash. Currency exchange is available at hotels and designated foreign exchange banks.


Note: Most international currencies are accepted in banks, hotels and by many licensed money changers in major shopping centres.


Exchange is available between the Singapore dollar and these currencies:
US dollar, U.K. pound, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Swiss franc, Euro, Yen, Hong Kong dollar, Chinese yuan, Taiwan dollar, Korean won, Thai baht


Tipping is not necessary in Singapore as a service charge of 10% have already been imposed.



Smoking is available only in the designated areas. Public transportation such as trains, buses and taxis are generally non-smoking. Most hotels have separated rooms, smoking or non-smoking.


Taxi fares start at approximately 3.50 SGD with additional costs depending on the distance covered and time elapsed. Payment is made when you reach your destination and the exact fare is shown clearly on the meter, for transparency and assurance. Tipping is not necessary at any time when taking a taxi. For more information, please click here .

Goods & Services Tax

Tourists are eligible for GST refund at the airport.

  •  Electronic Tourist Refund Kiosk (Changi Airport).

Singapore Goods and Service Tax (GST) is 7%.


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